Knot Standard’s top 5 articles of 2014

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Another year is coming to a close and with it Knot Standard celebrates an amazing year of amazing custom made clothes. From wedding ensembles including groom and groom’s men suits to Private collection Holland & Sherry custom made one-of-a-kind blazers, 2014 has been a year of beautifully made clothes. We share some of our most popular articles and posts about Knot Standard’s custom men’s clothing service. Happy New Year!

  1. Weekend Looks – Not sure what to wear for Friday night dinner, Saturday shopping or Sunday brunch? This article on the best weekend looks gives you the lowdown on everything you need to get your through Friday night partying to Sunday afternoon golf.
  1. What is a Master Tailor? What does he do and how does that relate to the quality, cut and construction of your favorite custom made suit? We’ve got all the answers in our in-depth interview with Knot Standard’s very own master tailor, Richard Benettello. Read the full interview and grow your suiting knowledge.
  1. Seriously every guy needs to know this: Call them trousers, slacks or pants, they are the unacknowledged workhorse of any man’s closet and the more you know, the more choice and style you will have. Check out one of our most popular posts The 3 Essential Slacks Every Man Should Own a quick rundown on the types of trousers every guy needs in his closet.
  1. Why is Knot Standard unique in the world of custom men’s clothing? What makes us innovative and different from all the rest? Innovative technology and a vision. Learn more about Knot Standard’s unorthodox and cutting edge approach to modern custom tailoring.
  1. And just in time for the holiday season, one of our most popular posts explains How and When to Wear a Bow Tie. Get the right tie and the right style to suit your outfit and your shape.