24 Hours in Kuwait

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Written by Jamie Etheridge

What to do?

Visit the Kuwait Towers. Closed for renovations, the Kuwait Towers hold 9,000 cubic meters of water altogether and stand as the iconic symbol of Kuwait and national landmark. You can walk along the Corniche and take photos with the Towers as the background.

Shopping at The Avenues is a must. One of the largest malls in the world, there are more than 800 shops, spread over seven ‘districts’ with more than 2.8 million square feet of shopping space. Visit Prestige for high end shops including Burberry and Prada and don’t miss the Grand Avenues for scrumptious cafes and restaurants.

When you’re doing shopping, take an evening stroll along Kuwait’s beautiful Corniche. The seaside promenade encircles the entire city, starting from downtown near the Parliament building and running all the way to the shopping area of Salmiya and the Scientific Center. Almost any section makes for a lovely walk but the area from Salmiya’s Marina Crescent to the Scientific Center in Ras Salmiya is well cared for and the most popular destination for visitors.

Dar Al Athar

What to see?

Kuwait is often considered the quietest of the Arab Gulf states. Tucked into the northernmost tip of the Persian Gulf, it is also still very much a conservative, traditional society. Kuwait’s traditional culture can be seen up close and personal in its architecture, its neighborhoods, its downtown and its people. In Kuwait for one day only? Don’t miss famed historic shopping district Souq Al Mubarakiya in downtown Kuwait City. Find local souvenirs, scarves, prayer beads and carved wooden camels as well as excellent and moderately priced Arabic food.

Or skip the shopping and visit the Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyya museum and the Amricani Cultural Center which houses the Al Sabah Islamic art collection. It’s part of the Kuwait National Museum. Located along the Gulf Road near the Parliament, the National Library and Sadu House, the National Museum also houses a heritage museum, historic sailing ships known as booms and a planetarium.

Movenpic Bidaa

Where to eat?

Arabic food is a must while visiting Kuwait. The emirate boasts a smorgasbord of amazing Arabic restaurants including Kuwaiti, Lebanese, Egyptian and Moroccan fare. For authentic Kuwaiti food, Shatea Al Watyia is unrivaled. The restaurant is located in an historic Kuwaiti mud house in Kuwait City and decorated with traditional Kuwaiti furnishings. Order lamb machboos and marqaug and be prepared to eat until your stuffed as the food is incredibly tasty and typically served in large portions.

Kuwait Towers

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