5 tips for wearing a linen suit

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Linen often gets a bad rap as the worst of summer fabrics. Known for being wrinkly, linen suits are typically avoided for office wear. But this can be a mistake, especially if you are interested in a summer vibe and willing to wear a more casual, relaxed look into the office.


How to wear a linen suit

  1. Choose a colored linen suit, light blue or even a darker navy for a more professional look.
  2. Be sure to have it dry cleaned and pressed before wearing it. The suit will wrinkle but a good dry cleaning will help keep it looking fresh longer. Be sure when you’re sitting down at your desk to hang your jacket on a hanger (never on the back of your chair).
  3. Pair with a cotton men’s dress shirt. The mixture of fabrics will add depth and texture to your outfit.
  4. We also recommend ditching the tie unless you work in a very traditionally conservative office. Instead add a touch of sprezzatura with a polka dot pocket square and spectators.
  5. Remember that you are going for a light, casual summer look. If you have to wear an overcoat to stay warm, it’s too early in the season for linen. Also, a panama or boater hat can add a bit of flair but are more appropriate for late afternoon garden parties or evening barbeques.



Linen is a great way to add texture and interest to an otherwise conservative look. If you aren’t comfortable with a full linen suit, consider wearing a linen jacket in a darker color paired with chinos or blue jeans for casual Fridays. Don’t forget a fine men’s watch, pocket square and a shoeshine for a polished look.

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  • Ayush ladha

    These point should be kept in mind while wearing Suit :

    1.The lst button should always be open

    The last button of your suit is purely for aesthetic purposes. You don’t need to bother with it. Keep it open. Always!

    2. Unfasten the buttons while sitting down

    This one is a must. Lest you want to spoil your suit. Or look like a stuffed potato. Or both!

    3. Button the shirt at the top

    While you’re at it, do ensure that you’re not choking yourself out. In case you are, please change the shirt. Or die trying

    4.Never pair a sports watch with your suit

    Different strokes for different folks? It’s the same with watches.

    5.An overcoat accentuates the corporate look

    And if you can look like David Gandy while at it, more power to ya!

    6. Don’t go overboard with accessories

    If you’re trying to look clean and sophisticated, just let your suit do the talking. When it comes to dressing up, less is indeed more.

    7.Shoes should always complement the colour of your suit

    A little mix and match is okay, but refrain from having too much colour contrast.

    8. The colour of your tie has to be in contrast with your suit

    If it’s a dark coloured suit, make sure to get a tie in a lighter shade. And vice versa.

    9.The tie-bar should not be wider than the tie

    It’s like wearing trousers too long for your legs. Agreed they solve the purpose but there’s something to be said about aesthetics and visuals too, right?

    10.The jacket should be long enough to cover the zipper of your trousers

    Coz anything shorter is not a pleasant sight for others.

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