7 Rules for Wearing Short Suits

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Written by Jamie Etheridge

Dare you or don’t you? Wearing shorts with a suit can be a daringly successful moment for some and a complete disaster for others. Unless you are a mega hip-hop star or hanging out at Pitti Uomo, you might feel a bit weird about the whole short suit trend. But it’s not as difficult as it looks if you follow a few simple rules.


7 Rules for Wearing Short Suits:

  1. For a first timer, the absolute key is confidence and comfort. Stick with a skinny suit two-button jacket with slim lapel and matching shorts.
  2. Choose appropriate fabrics. A cotton linen blend of high quality suit fabric is a definite.
  3. Shorts should be knee length at least. Anything shorter and you should hang out by the pool.
  4. Add texture and variety with a patterned or colored dress shirt.
  5. Don’t forget the details but don’t overdo it either. You can skip the necktie but add a pocket square for a touch of sartorial formality. Or wear a great belt and necktie but leave off the tiepin.
  6. Shoes will make or break your look. Go for loafers, suede derby shoes or deck shoes for casual Fridays. Do not wear boots, trainers or sandals with a short suit.
  7. Grooming is essential. When going for an ultra cool, urban look like a short suit it pays to pay attention to your grooming.

Celebrities are even starting to rock the ‘short suit’ style on the red carpet. A few of our personal favorites include Matt Lauer, Pharrell Williams, Allen Cumming and Thom Browne.

Ask a Knot Standard stylist for help in choosing the best fabric, cut and style for your first short suit.