Best Fall Wines

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Written by Julia Lewis

With the onset of autumn, not only is a change of wardrobe inevitable, but a whole new slew of recipes and beverages are being incorporated back into the kitchen as well! Gone are the light, citrus meals of summer. They have been replaced with the hale, hearty and savory tastes and ingredients of fall. With the introduction of these new ingredients comes the refinement of beverages as well.

We have broken down the types of wine you should start stocking up on this fall, and the dishes to enjoy them with. Cheers!


Obviously, when thinking of fall, one first thinks of a rich, red wine. Cultivated from the Barberra grape which originated in Montferrat, Italy, this wine gives off a contrast of a delicate, yet complex taste. It yields a fruity aftertaste, reminiscent of blackberries. It has a medium body with strong acidity and goes great with any sort of pasta dish. 



Beaujolais is a type of red produced in Burgandy, France. It is made from the Gamay grape, which is similar to the grapes used to produce Pinot noir, but these grapes take less time to ripen and create a strong, fruiter wine with a very robust body. Beaujolais goes stunningly with any sort of meat, such as roast chicken, or duck and paired with vegetables such as sweet potato and butternut squash.



Although white wine is less common during the colder month, it should not be ignored. The taste and scent produced from the Roussane grapes gives off a light, yet powerful aroma of floral and herbal tea elements combined with a peppery note. Roussane pairs well with seafood, along with spicy dishes such as curry.