Color for Your Men’s Suit

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The suit is considered to be the classic expression of a man’s style and sophistication. It endorses formality and reflects the character of the wearer. Nothing can impact that quite so much as the color of your suit.

In general, you need to command the respect of others rather than to shock them; go for something conservative and neutral. A plain, neutral color means your suit will be able to match easily with a colored shirt.

Here are the qualities that the most common suits colors indicate:

• Navy blue: trust and honesty
• Tan: elegance, openness and approachability
• Black: sophistication, authority, detachment and assertiveness
• Charcoal grey: refinement and strength
• Burgundy: formal and classic

A man’s suit which is patterned, for instance with a plaid or a birdseye check, suggests that you are flexible and relatively laid-back.