Colors, Textures, and Patterns for Fall

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Words by : Julia Lewis

Photography by : Trent Bailey 

In the world of menswear, a lot of exciting things have been happening in terms of fabrics and textiles. The winds are shifting, and the leaves are falling. Accordingly, theres been a shift in fashion to heavier fabrics, bolder patterns, and richer colors have all come around. New innovations in fall fabrics have yielded fall and winter garments to be light enough for year round wear, but with the appearance and warmth of a winter cloth. Let us help you get your fall wardrobe into gear. Until Monday, get 15% off our Classic Green Blazer, a fall staple, with the code ‘OLIVE.’



While our go to earth tone favorites are not to be forgotten, it’s important to remember that fall is comprised of other rich colors that happen to look phenomenal in a suit. Gorgeous plum purples, burgandy reds, and crisp golden oranges need to be hues that are added into your wardrobe. Mix those with textures of corduroy, tweed, silk, and suede and you will look your flyest this fall.




Earth tones have always been the classic go to for fall; warm browns and greens in a variety of hues. Ranging from chesnut brown to deep forest green, you can never go wrong with blazers or trousers in these colors.