What is a dimple?

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Among the most sartorially saavy, versatile parts of any man’s closet is his collection of neckties. Solid, patterned or paisley; silk, linen, cotton or wool, neckties come in a variety of fabrics and sizes and a rainbow of colors. One of the most hotly debated trappings of the necktie, however, has nothing to do with its fabric or color.

The dimple is the small indentation in the blade of the tie just below the knot. Its origins are murky, though its thought the dimple rose in popularity around the same time that Saville Row tailors began setting global fashion trends.

The dimple is a simple sartorial effect that demonstrates élan and polish. Some treat it as an affectation, others aren’t even sure what it is or have never heard of it. But for the well dressed and well informed gent, its obligatory. Silk ties typically give the best dimple when tied with the four-in-hand knot.

To achieve the dimple, knot your tie loosely around your neck. As you tighten it, pinch the blade near the top with your thumb and finger, poking your forefinger into the middle to create the dimple. It should remain after the tie is tightened.

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