Do’s And Don’t’s For Summer Parties

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Don’t get caught in the late summer slump. There are sure to be numerous end of summer party’s popping up on your calendar so here is how to show up to them in style, not dripping in your own sweat.

Do wear a bold short sleeve button down. You will add a pop of color to your outfit while also remaining cool.

Don’t over – do it on the patterns and colors. It can be tempting in the summer, but if you are feeling so bold with your wardrobe, color blocking is the way to go. Alternate between neutrals and brights.

Do wear linen. Whether it’s a linen suit, shirt, or just trousers, you cannot for wrong with this fabric. It looks effortless and is the most comfortable if you have to be outdoors.

Don’t double breast. While a double breasted blazer is a classic look, it is very formal and not quite the vibe for summer functions.

The most important thing is to make the most of the fabrics and colors that you can only get away with wearing in the summer. We’re talking your whites, linens, and chambrays. Shop our summer looks here.