Dressing the Athlete

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ksredHow do athletes show off their cut physiques while still looking dapper?

Athletic builds are often the most difficult to dress, especially when it comes to men’s suits. Off the rack and even made to measure are cut for the ‘average’ body type and that typically does not include anyone over 6’ feet or with shoulders wider than 18 inches.

So how do athletes find the perfect fit?

Custom tailored clothes are a necessity and making sure the suit fits well means working with a tailor. Knot Standard’s bespoke advisors are specially trained to ensure perfect fit and style for each individual including those with athletic builds. Speak to a bespoke advisor to arrange your custom fitting. (http://www.knotstandard.com/suits/)

Here are a few tips to remember when buying your next custom suit.

If you’re tall and lean like a basketball player, it’s important to divide and conquer the broad swathe of cloth from shoulders to ankle. Wear a three-button jacket, a colorful pocket square, a diagonal tie and a belt. Show only a quarter inch of cuff at the wrists. Stay away from pencil stripes and instead choose slightly wider pinstripes or even Prince of Wales checks. Rounded shoes with a high polish work well and definitely wear some break. (http://blog.knotstandard.com/the-8-rules-of-break/)

If you’re stocky and wide, stick with darker colored suits, include a colorful pocket square that will draw the eyes upward toward the upper chest. Make sure the jacket length hits just at the waist and keep your jacket buttoned when standing or walking. Let your cuffs show, say a half inch or more.

Remember: Work with your body type, emphasize fit without exaggerating your physique.