Winter Fabrics – Everything You Need To Know

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The colder months are here, meaning you’re going to be pulling out your heavier suits, blazers and coats. We compiled a list of the best winter fabrics that keep you warm, comfortable, and stylish.


Arguably the most popular and practical of winter suits, is wool. Worsted wool is the lightest of all winter fabrics and the safest option for most men. It is extremely adaptable to temperature change and has an elegant luster, draping nicely on the body while maintaining its form.

Anything 280g/m and above is considered a fall/winter weight for wool suiting, however, many men have the issue of “running hot” – there are few times when you are spending multiple hours out in the cold. Modern milling production techniques allow the wool to be spun in a multi seasonal weight but with a weathered fall appearance. 



Cashmere is known for it’s incredibly soft texture, comfort and warmth. This noble fabric is three times warmer than wool, as well as being loftier and lighter due to it’s fine micron count. Cashmere is seen predominantly in jacketing, but is also blended with wool in suiting for a softer hand and greater warmth. A cashmere jacket is a winter staple and an investment that should last you many years.



Flannel is made from worsted wool, however, it is run through extra finishing step during production. This is done by brushing the wool to raise the fibers and create a nap. Flannel, more and more, is being produced in a variety of bold and sleek prints and patterns, giving the wearer a polished felted appearance and a ere of masculinity. You can either go two ways with flannel, a classic solid color, or, a big bold pattern!



Tweed is a timeless classic that never fails to evoke an iconic look. Made from wool, and then woven with three or more different yarns which are then “twilled” creating the unique look of tweed. It is the most durable of all fabrics, yet it not as soft on the hand compared to other fibers. Nowadays, tweed is blended with silk to provide a softer touch without losing its other properties. A first time purchase should be a jacket in a versatile color like navy, charcoal or burgundy.