Give Me A Break!

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The Fall season is upon us meaning new fabrics and styles and also — new shoes! Men’s boots and high top shoes are now more seasonably appropriate, so here’s how to style your pants to incorporate this new look into your wardrobe.

Cropped pant

The cropped pant length is the most on trend style at the moment. This break hits right above the ankle and helps to create an elongated look when worn correctly. This pant break is best paired with light material fabrics, and a nice boot in either a chestnut or mahogany color.


Slight break 

This look is similar to the no break pant (which is self explanatory), but the length is a bit longer and more conservative and causes a slight crease in the front of the pant. This pant length produces a crisp, tailored look that is much more subtle, and pairs really nicely with a loafer or lace up shoe.


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