Fitted Jackets

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There are certain things that should be kept in when trying on a jacket, bespoke or otherwise, so that you can know you have the right fit.

The jacket collar should hug your neck halfway around the shirt collar where it lies across the upper back. A horizontal ripple signifies that the jacket is oversized.

Your men’s jacket should be designed in such a way that it can be buttoned easily. Make sure that you do not see any creasing around the buttonholes when you fasten it. The chest should lie in a smooth manner without a gap. Ensure that it allows you to sit down with your jacket fastened and there should be three to five inches between the top button and your body.

The jacket should not hug any unflattering areas and the vents in it, should lie flat. If you find there is a strain while opening the jacket, it signifies that it is too tight for you.

Checking the shoulder pads while purchasing a man’s jacket is also important. These can develop a solid, strong line and play a vital role in making the jacket comfortable, but you should make sure that the shoulder pads are not too big – they should complement the width and shape of your shoulders. The shoulders are regarded as the base of the garment.

The sleeves of the jacket should permit half an inch of the shirt cuffs to be seen at the wrist when you keep your arm in a relaxed position.