Fitted Trousers

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It is essential that a man’s clothes fit him perfectly. Loose fitted or excessively tight outfits are a complete no-no, especially at formal events; that applies powerfully in relation to the trousers you wear with your suit.

To get the best fit, the first thing to do is get your measurements right. When measuring your waistline, do not hold your stomach in to show a slimmer figure. Instead stand comfortably as you usually would; this will allow the best possible fit without any pulling.

Apart from the measurement of the waist, it’s also important to get the size of the hips right. On many men the waist has the same measurement as the hips. However some people have a wider waistline, which make badly fitted trousers appear baggy and loose – which in turn makes your body look ill proportioned. If you are buying off-the-rack, choose trousers that fit the wider part of your torso and get them altered.

Make sure that your trouser is exactly long enough to cover the top of your shoes with a slight break. When selecting trousers, wear the kind of shoes that you’d expect to pair with the suit.