Gentlemen Facts : Milanese Button Hole

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There are many identifiers of a custom suit; impeccable fit, unique fabric, functioning buttonholes on the cuff, and so on. Yet, it is in the finer details for which we can truly distinguish an undeniably unique suit.

One of the predominant characteristics is that of the handmade buttonholes. Found on all bespoke suits, few custom suits and even fewer off the rack suits (only Kiton, Lardini and Tom Ford stretch their manufacturing to this fine, subtle detail). The pinnacle of this is the Milanese boutonniere on the lapel of the jacket – a mark of fundamental tailoring beauty.

A feature on all of Knot Standard’s Private Collection suits, the Milanese boutonniere is a precise detail of 45 minute handwork in one sitting. “For true suit connoisseurs, this is a showstopper! When I meet people within the industry, their reactions are all the same. A gasp for air, followed by ‘That is a beautiful buttonhole‘”, recounts our Creative Director, Lewis Malivanek.
Unlike machine made buttonholes, where the lapel buttonhole is stitched (by machine) and then cut, contrary, when aMilanese boutonniere is made; the fabric is first cut and buttonhole is then hand stitched. This leaves zero room for error – it must be stitched perfect each time. It is only natural that something so stunning is the zenith of men’s suiting.