Getting the right jacket sleeve length

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Sleeve length is one of those details that immediately label you stylish or sloppy. A poorly fitted sleeve length on a suit jacket is impossible to hide and will be apparent to all upon first sight. So how to get the perfect length?

First you need to know what is wrong. A sleeve that is too long will cover the area where the heel of the hand joins the wrist. Too short is anything that falls more than an inch above your shirt sleeve.

The perfect fit is attained when the hem of the jacket sleeve is aligned with where the heel of the hand joins the wrist and the shirt cuffs show to (preferably) one quarter to one half of an inch.


When adjusting sleeve length, a good tailor will always do the following:

  1. Check if there is a difference in length between the left and right arm.
  2. Turn back the sleeve where the heel of the hand joins the wrist. Pin down the excess fabric.
  3. Check if the measure values correspond to the noted differences between the right and left hand.
  4. Measure the seam of the amount folded back fabric of the right and left sleeve.


Ask a Knot Standard stylist to suggest the best jacket options to suit your personal style and taste.