How NOT to Dress Like Adam Levine

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Adam Levine 3We’re glad to see Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine evolving from white t-shirt and jeans to two button, peak lapel slim fitted men’s suits. The Voice coach has added a level of sophistication and polish to his more recent wardrobe choices and we wholeheartedly approve. Levine favors peak lapels, two button suits in conservative navy, black or grey with the occasional on trend brown notched lapel, two piece thrown in.

Except for the random pocket square and scruffy beard, however, what’s missing from Levine’s sartorial evolution is a clear sense of style. His plain vanilla outfits lack personality and self-expression. Given the pop singer’s affinity for body ink, his choice of wait staff couture seems odd to say the least.

Dressing conservative doesn’t have to mean dressing dull. Knot Standard’s stylists have put together a few pieces of advice to help you avoid Levine’s bland look.

Add one accessory outside your comfort zone. Pocket squares are a great Adam Levine 2way to add some style and flair. Go for a brightly colored, pattern pocket square to add some color to a dark, conventional suit.

Blazers. Mix your hippest ripped jeans with a versatile navy blazer or pair white slacks and purple twill tie with our Blue Glen Plaid for a sober, strong look that will still get noticed.

Mix it up. Instead of a two piece, wear a gunmetal grey three piece and skinny tie.

Take your everyday classic suit and tie and elevate it with a Milanese boutonniere.

Let Knot Standard help you transform boring into bold while maintaining the timeless elegance of the well-dressed gentleman.