How Stylish Men Wear Their Pants

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Written by Julia Lewis

 Very few men know that there are multiple pant lengths and ways in which to wear them. Break refers to the crease a pant leg makes based on the height and place the hem hits. Below we have listed the best looks and break lengths all stylish men wear.

No break

This look is one of the more popular styles, preferred among the more daring yet, traditional dressers. This is a great alternative for men who want to do something different, but don’t want to go too short with their pant leg. Therefore, the no break pant is hemmed to skim over the top of the shoe. This conveys a sleek, modern take on a classic cut.


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Slight break 

This look is similar to the no break, but the length is a bit longer and more conservative and causes a slight crease in the front of the pant. Most commonly worn by business men or professionals, this pant length produces a crisp, tailored look that is much more sublte.

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Cropped pant

The cropped pant length is the most on trend style at the moment. This break hits right above the ankle and helps to create an elongated look when worn correctly. Typically seen on young, stylish, creative gentlemen, this pant break is best paired with light material fabrics.


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