5 Tips for Dressing for your LinkedIn Profile Photo

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Your online persona and photos are an increasingly important part of any job search. Whether you want it to be or not. If you are already on LinkedIn or other professional social media, making sure you have a professional looking photo to compliment your resume should be a priority. Knot Standard believes you should dress for the job you want and to help out, we’ve got the top five tips for dressing for your LinkedIn profile photo.


  1. Suit up. Even if you aren’t looking for a job right now, it’s worth projecting a professional image to your network at all times. Choose a darker suit, charcoal or navy and make sure it fits properly.
  2. Wear a light to medium colored dress shirt, a light to medium blue works best.
  3. Choose a solid or textured tie in a complimentary color. LinkedIn profiles photos are usually just headshots but even if just your neck and shoulders are showing, then a tie will demonstrate a more professional, smarter look. Add a touch of quirkiness with a patterned bowtie but keep it conservative if you’re looking for a job as a day trader, banker or lawyer.
  4. Be well groomed. Looking clean shaven with a neat haircut are basic.
  5. Also consider your background, a neutral background with few distractions is best. If you are sitting at desk, keep it cleared of extra items and sit straight and face the camera. Smile. You may be just staring into a camera but imagine that you’re talking with a recruiter, your next boss or a potential client.

Remember that nowadays with social media you may not even realize you’re making a first impression until after you receive a call from someone who saw your LinkedIn profile. Let Knot Standard help you make the best first impression with a strong, smart and professional look.