Meet Kareem!

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Kareem2Knot Standard’s bespoke advisors work round the clock to make sure customers have the best possible experience ordering their customized men’s suits online. They help ensure customers get the right measurements for a perfect fit, choose their favorite fabrics and personalize their creations to reflect their own individual style.

Meet one of our star bespoke advisors, Kareem Elangbawy and learn how he can help you.


Q: What does a bespoke advisor do?

A: A bespoke advisor keeps clients current on the progress of their orders and gives them peace of mind while they wait for their custom made men’s suits to arrive. We also help clients choose customizations that fit their individual style like peak vs notched lapels or the amount of break for their trousers.

Q: What have you learned working with Knot Standard as a bespoke advisor?

A: I’ve refined my suit knowledge – prior to working here I thought I knew everything about suits since my father owns a men’s retail shop in New Jersey. But I had no idea what a Milanese buttonhole was until I started working here. I didn’t even know sleeve buttons could actually feature working buttonholes.


Q: Knot Standard uses 3D imaging via webcam to obtain the exact measurements of each customer. How does that impact what you do?

A: Knot Standard’s cutting edge technology impacts my role as a Bespoke Advisor tremendously. I’m able to help clients more directly, no matter where they live, thanks to our online bespoke suiting experience. Usually it takes only a few minutes thanks to the webcam measuring tools. Try it for yourself.


Q: What are the top anxieties customers express to you? How do you answer their concerns?

A: Most clients apprehensive about ordering online – usually because they are not sure about the quality of fabrics we offer. They question how we could offer such great fabrics at such low prices and I assure then about the mills we work with and our top notch production facilities, not to mention our 100% perfect fit guarantee.


Q: How has your own personal style changed/evolved since you joined Knot Standard?

A: I don’t really think my personal styling has changed much since I’ve joined Knot Standard. Over time though, I see myself slowly transitioning into wearing more suits.


Q: When working with a customer online, what is the process you go through?

A: I always introduce myself, offer to help the client with measurements, follow up with any questions they may have, send them the pdf file of our linings so they can get a better feel for the customization process. Sometimes I will call them on the phone to help them complete the process. Then I keep them updated as their order progresses, contact them once it is sent out to see that everything fits and that they are

100% satisfied.


Q: What is the one thing that has surprised you about being a bespoke advisor?

A: I’m generally surprised by the suiting knowledge difference among clients. Some clients are super smart and very knowledgeable about suits. They know exactly what they want, partly because they have already had the experience of bespoke. Other clients need more guidance because this is their first bespoke suit and they aren’t really clear on all the possible customizations. Having customers from opposite sides of the spectrum is very interesting.


Q: What is the best advice you can give customers?

A: Ask questions. If customers ask more questions before placing their order, we as bespoke advisors are able to get a feel for what they are looking for and are then able to better handle their orders, while also managing their expectations. Being an informed shopper always helps the process.