Most popular men’s hair cuts for summer 2015

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If short and slicked back were the watchwords for men’s hairstyles in 2014, this year may prove the year of the lower fade. More and more guys are heading to the barber and asking for a little more movement, a little more curl and a little more length. Short hair is still the most popular summer style but this year guys are seeking a lower fade that allows for a bit more length on the top and sides while keeping the edges sharp and sophisticated.

For those not familiar with a fade – there are actually several different types. A fade is simply any haircut that starts close at the neck and grows gradually longer as it nears the crown of the head.

  • Choose a Caesar fade for a clean and polished power look. Think Will Smith or Usher. In this cut, the hair is very short at the back and sides and only slightly longer on the crown with a short set of bangs brushed forward.
  • A ‘Princeton fade’ is more gradual and very popular this season with hair cut close at the back and slightly longer sides and crown.
  • A Fauxhawk may be too radical for a very conservative office look but it’s a great summer cut. Keep the crown long but shave the sides and back.
  • Buzz cuts, often seen on military men, are shaved pretty much on all sides but may be too extreme of a look for most guys.

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