Understanding New Yorker Sartorial Style

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New Yorkers are known for their smart sense of style, Uber taxi rides and hectic lives. In the worlds of both fashion and finance, the custom tailored men’s suit represents the pinnacle of sophistication and style.

Like every major city, New York has its own sartorial personality, a certain style uniquely its own. New Yorker style is built on functionality, versatility and personality. Knot Standard adores the New Yorker look. Here we breakdown the top five characteristics of New York City’s urban style.


1. Tailored to fit. Whether it’s a handsome double breasted custom-made men’s suit or a tweed Prince of Wales sports coat, New Yorkers always go for an impeccable fit. Speak to a bespoke advisor to learn how you can get the perfect fit for your next suit via your webcam.

2. Clean lines and a slim cut. New Yorkers are busy, urban warriors and they have no time for frippery. Get the right cut, trim it down to the bare essentials and go.


3. Great shoes rule. New Yorkers walk everywhere and few make the mistake of wearing uncomfortable shoes. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish. Whether formal dress shoes, boots or sneakers, quality and comfort are a must.


4. Dress down with style. New Yorkers favor darker colors. Our suggestion: dark jeans, light blue men’s dress shirt, navy blue pullover sweater, brown glen plaid jacket and chukka boots. Slide in a blue and white polka dot pocket square and you’re set for a weekend out.


5. Smart accessories. Each city wears their scarfs differently but New York takes the scarf international by using a variety of knots  We recommend light orange, burgundy or olive green for the spring. Wear it with a dark blue skull cap or button down or color block vest for the ultimate urban look.