5 tips for What to Wear to the Nightclub

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One of the most common questions our stylists get asked is what to wear to the nightclub? Everyone wants to look great but without looking like they are trying too hard. There are also practical considerations: is there a dress code? (some nightclubs are more formal than others), what do I do with my coat or jacket? And what will look great after two hours straight dancing?

1. Wear light fabrics and layer up. For summer time, choose a dress shirt (with tee underneath) and a sport coat or jacket. Layers are great so long as you can take them off without losing the essence of your look.


2. Choose darker colored shirts and slacks like navy or dark grey. Avoid black. Many dance clubs have black lights that will pick up every bit of fuzz and fluff on your shirt. Definitely not the reason you want to be noticed.

3. Leave the heirloom watch and valuables at home. Take enough cash and one credit card to get you through the night and leave the rest at the home safe. Why risk losing or having your wallet stolen or spending more money then you intend? Make sure you have your idea and enough to catch a cab at the end of the night.
4. Wear a blazer or sport coat. Perfect for keeping a cool and dapper look, extra pockets and you’ll have something to wrap around that special girl on the way home if she gets chilly. We suggest the Classic Navy Blazer which works well with chinos, slacks or jeans and will look great anytime of the day or night.