Nip and Tuck

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Knot-Standard---August-0071The best thing about custom tailored men’s suits is that you can cherry pick the best of American, English and Continental tailoring styles to complement your individual physique. One of the more popular customizations is the suppressed waist.

The suppressed waist derives from English tailoring traditions and is in sharp contrast to the American ‘trad’ sack suit. It is a subtle narrowing of the suit jacket nipped in at the waist. The suppressed waist more closely follows the contours of the male torso to better showcase the natural V shape. A suit with a suppressed waist will make the wearer appear to have a wider chest, narrower middle and look taller.

But not all waist suppressions are created equal. An overly aggressive waist suppression can cause pulling at the jacket buttons while too little waist suppression will leave the suit either draping improperly or with too much fabric at the sides.

Let your body type dictate the amount of waist suppression you choose. If you are slim build, go for a slightly more pronounced waist suppression. If you are heavy set, keep it light. Even a moderate waist suppression can give definition and contouring while still accounting for a fuller chest and stomach.

Waist suppression also works well for sport coats and blazers. Look dashing and heroic in our slim fitted Classic Grey Blazer. Made with a durable blend of wool and mohair for versatility and precision, our blazer offer a modest hourglass silhouette for a more elegant and refined profile.