Our 5 favorite things about Justin Timberlake’s style

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JT1What do you like about JT’s style?


Justin Timberlake is known for his fashion sense. Regularly donning tailored men’s suits, waistcoats and blazers in everything from posh Prince of Wales to statement wide lapels, JT represents an entire generation of sartorial swagger. Like almost everyone else, we love the former boy band singer’s polished style. Here’s our six favorite JT looks:


1) Accessorize: Tweed cap, bow tie or silk pocket square. Timberlake takes style to the highest levels by staying true to his personal taste. Suits are neo-Rat Pack, sleek and sophisticated with just the right accessory.JT2

2) Layer up: Men’s dress shirt, knit sweater, statement tie. Or white shirt, black polka dot tie, waistcoat and black leather jacket paired with jeans. Our boy knows how to build out an outfit.

3) Tailored fit: As his style has evolved, Timberlake has embraced the slim fitted, tailored suit to better complement his trim physique. See how Knot Standard’s slim fit looks on you.

4) Dress shirt success: JT stays in sync with whatever suit he’s donned, preferring white men’s dress shirts. He mixes it up, though, just enough with black, check or patterned to keep us interested.

5) Pompadour, close shaven, scruffy. Hairstyle and beard styles change regularly for a fresh and hip look.