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 Words by Julia Lewis 

Photography by Trent Bailey 

An overcoat is not just a fashion item meant to look good. A genuine coat needs to be durable, versatile as well as tailored and tapered to a man’s unique sense of self and style. And our overcoats fit that exact critera. Our coats are made from the finest wools the British and Italian mills have to offer, in a variety of classic patterns. Handcrafted just for you, take advantage of our offer going until Friday, November 6th. 20% off our gorgeous Hudson Stone Grey overcoat, with the code OVERCOAT20.


When looking into buying a coat, one must go about it with the mentality that it is going to be an investment; meant to last and withstand years of wear and tear. Many compare the ovecoat selection process to that of choosing a car. And we couldn’t agree more. When choosing the right coat for this fall there are a few very important factors to take into consideration. Namely, the fabric, the length, the construction, and the fit.


When it comes to the fit, you want the jacket to be trim, but with enough wiggle room so that it won’t be too tight when worn with a blazer or sweater underneath. In terms of fabric and construction, the most practical (and chic) material an overcoat can be made with is wool. Wool is the best fabric to stand up against harsh winter temperatures. It will also keep your body insulated, as well as look incredible. In addition to the fabric, you want your winter coat to be fully canvassesd. This means that the entire jacket is lined with an additional layer for added comfort and warmth. This full canvassing also allows the jacket to have a longer life.