The Perfect Fit

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The elegance of a man’s suit depends on its fit. Here are some tips:

• Once the jacket has been buttoned and with the upper arms beside you, you must be able to slip in three fingers between the jacket and your breastbone.

• Jacket sleeves must be just perfect – over-long sleeves can make you clownish, sleeves that are too short will make you like you are wearing someone else’s clothes. Extend your arms perpendicular to your body; the jacket sleeve should just touch the centre of the wrist bone.

• The shoulder padding should not exaggerate your own shoulders, but offer a smooth comfortable fit.

• The back of the suit jacket should end right above your backside.

• The fitting for trousers should initially be made without shoes. The cuffs of the pants should extend about 1.5 inches off the floor behind the back of the foot.

• Now try the trousers with shoes. There should be a small break – a horizontal fold – where the trousers just touch the top of the shoes.

The cuff of your shirt should show beneath the cuff of your jacket.