Why Pick Stitch?

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Pick stitching is one of the hallmarks of a well made suit and is widely popular among men’s fashion aficionados. In recent years, pick stitching has gotten a bad rap as too obvious, too detailed and too flamboyant – in other words, a deliberate attempt to show off a well made, expensive suit. But though pick stitching is largely decorative,  it is a subtle aesthetic complement that showcases the quality and time invested in your suit.

Pick stitching is when a simple thread is stitched into the jacket, usually on the lapel, cuffs or edge of the trouser pockets, by catching only bit of the fabric. Its intended to showcase the handiwork and craft of the tailors and to signify the quality of the garment.

There are two type of pick stitching. One, often called ‘on the edge, where the saddle stitch is sewn close up against the edge of the lapel creating a subtle modern look and texture. The other, less common option, places the stitch about a quarter inch away from the edge of the lapel, creating a more noticeable stitch pattern.

Contrasting thread has also become a popular choice for pick stitching but we advise against it. Choose the more subtle and refined details to add polish and elegance to your favorite customized suit without being flashy. At the end of the day, it’s the fit and the confidence with which you wear it that people will remember.