Signature Blue Linen Square

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There is something unmistakable; undeniable; unassailable about a man who wears pocket squares. He’s elegant and precise, pays attention to even the smallest details. Once reserved for dandies, pocket squares have in recent years gone mainstream but still convey impeccable style and (when worn properly) an elevated sense of elegance.

Made of the finest Italian linen, Knot Standard’s Signature Blue Pocket Square is a divine touch of sophistication for any suit. Pair with navy, charcoal or green men’s suits like the Classic Denim Blue Suit but be sure to choose a textured or striped navy tie to compliment rather than class with the blue square.

There are many ways to fold a pocket square but for those just beginning to wear the elegant accessories, start with a simple flat fold or peaked fold.

Ask a Knot Standard stylist for the best pocket square fold to go with your favorite custom made suit.