6 Steps to Caring for Your Suit

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Most guys that own a suit or two think that dry cleaning it is the ultimate in suit care. Wear it to the office a time or two, then drop it off at the cleaners and you’re good to go. Dry cleaning a suit is actually one of the worst things you can do and should be done only when absolutely necessary.

Dry cleaning a suit too often can significantly reduce its lifespan, adding wear and tear and breaking down the suit well before its time. If you wear suits often, then dry cleaning every few months or even once a month may be required depending on the level of use. But optimally, limit dry cleaning to no more than twice a year.

Taking proper care of a men’s suit is actually quite simple and in just a few short steps, you can add years to your wardrobe.

Step 1 – Steam your suit. Invest in a steam iron and never place a hot iron directly onto a suit. Be sparing because too much can affect the construction – dabs of the steamer followed by hanging your suit will get all those wrinkles out.

Step 2 – Brush it. Invest in a quality lint brush and before and after wearing the suit, brush it down to remove lint, dust and hair.

Step 3 – Treat it with kindness. Never hang your suit jacket on the back of your office chair. This will ruin the shoulders of the suit and eventually its silhouette. Buy a set of good quality hangers, preferably wooden, and use them at home and the office.

Step 4 – Protect it. When not in use, keep it in a dust proof garment bag. This will protect it from dust, mites, moths and fading from sunlight. It will also help maintain the shape and creases of the suit.

Step 5 – Wear it. Wearing your suit is an important part of the investment. A good quality suit will lay and fit more comfortably to your body shape over time.

Step 6 – Give it friends. Invest in a wardrobe, not just one suit. Alternating between suits will help keep them in better condition and extend their lifespan. A suit for every day of the week and two or three suits for special events and nights perfectly round out a full suit wardrobe.