Sweater Season

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Fall season means sweater season – so pull out that cardigan or stock up on pullovers and enjoy the cooler temperatures and the body hugging swag of a quality sweater worn well. Not sure which sweater to buy or how to wear it? Check out these helpful tips on the different kinds of sweaters, neck styles and fabrics.

Men’s sweaters tend to come in three basic styles: cardigans, pullovers and vest (either pulled over or button down) and a variety of fabrics, colors, textures and patterns.

Cardigans are typically worn with a men’s dress shirt or polo underneath. They work well for casual events, for casual Fridays or for weekend outings. Cardigans come in a variety of colors, fabrics and styles and are most often found with crew necks. Choose a darker colored cardigan, say navy, burgundy or olive or a textured pattern in wool or a woolen blend for a versatile and comfortable cold weather go to look.

Pullovers can be dressed up or down. They are typically worn over a collared men’s dress shirt or polo but can also be worn with a collar-less t-shirt for a casual look.


Sweater vests are great for adding warmth under a blazer, coat or men’s suit jacket without adding too much bulk around the shoulders and sleeves. V-necks work well with sweater vests, especially pull over ones and should be worn with men’s dress shirts or polo shirts.

Cashmere is the premiere sweater fabric, soft and warm and long lasting. Wool or woolen blends are popular too and cotton sweaters are good for transitional weather seasons like fall and spring. As a general rule of thumb, darker colored sweaters and simpler patterns are considered more formal while lighter colors and more noticeable patterns, geometric designs and checks are deemed more casual.