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Photography by Brie Bergman  •  Written by Brie Bergman and Jamie Etheridge

Once the domain of sailors and soldiers, tattoos have become mainstream. From celebrities to footballers, tattoos have evolved from postwar pin up girls to tribal designs, children’s birthdates, Haida designs, Celtic symbols, portraits as well as elements of nature. They have also become commonplace in the office.


“Now you’re never going to get a job!” is no longer a true statement. Relaxed tattoo policies for blue-collar and art-related jobs aren’t shocking, but the increasing tolerance of body art in corporate, educational and medical industries are more surprising.


For many, a body is seen as a personal canvas and a tattoo is a form of self-expression. The ink is used to mark memories, honor loved ones and to display brilliant talent.

Instead of receiving disapproving looks and judgmental stares, people are starting to take interest and ask, “What is the meaning?” As tattoos become more common, so does their acceptance. You should always think long and hard before committing to permanent ink, but do not let the fear of job rejection sway your decision. Chances are if you are the right man (or woman) for the job, you and your tattoos will be hired, accepted and welcomed.




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