The 8 Rules of Break

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Fight Club“The first rule of Fight Club: You do not talk about Fight Cub.
The second rule of Fight Club: You DO NOT talk about Fight Club.”
– Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Some rules aren’t made to be broken. But unlike Fight Club, it’s necessary to talk about break. The break on a man’s pants is the point where the trouser length hits the shoe, creating a horizontal crease across the top of the shoe. Bespoke tailoring gives you the option of deciding which break is right for you. But how to decide? Follow these eight simple rules:

  1. There are three main types of break: full break, medium break and little or no break.
  2. Your break should fit your physique.
  3. Go for full break if you want a deep crease and a sloping hem along the back of your shoe.
  4. Try medium break if you want a shallow crease and no sloping hem.
  5. Little or no break is the current trend. If you’re short or slim, this choice may suit you well. But be prepared for your socks to show while sitting or standing.
  6. Larger frames should wear break. Discuss with a Knot Standard bespoke advisor customizing the break to suit your style and your frame.
  7. Consider what shoes you will wear. The height of the heel will affect the look of the full or medium break.
  8. No break elongates your silhouette. It’s not for the very tall.

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