The Art of Grooming

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Written by Jamie Etheridge
Shaving can be that morning chore you hate or a relaxing ritual that elevates the act into an art. Choosing the correct materials, understanding the process and enjoying the most masculine grooming activity can transform your routine and add an element of luxury and refinement to your morning.  Earlier this week, we visited Freeman’s Barber Shop on Rivington Street with our Creative Director Lewis who got hooked up with a good old fashioned cut and shave. 
Remember, it is best to shave in the shower or just after taking one. The hot water from the shower will soften the skin and ready it for a shave. (Note: this is why barbers will typically place a hot steaming towel over your face prior to shaving. The warmth opens your pores and softens the skin). Choose the right shaving items. If you’re prone to razor burn, add a preshave oil to your routine. If you’re old school, choose a shaving soap and a badger hair brush and a handy mug to lather your face. Use a cleanser first, this will help open up your pores and ready your face for shaving. Avoid harsh bath soaps or scented soaps at this stage. 
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Whether you prefer a shaving soap or old fashioned shaving cream; a double edged safety razor or your father’s straight razor, choose shaving items that combine utility with pleasure. Keep your blades sharp and change them frequently. Shave with the grain, not against it. This will help prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs. After your shave, use a toner or aftershave lotion to lock in moisture.
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​So whether you get your shave from a professional barber, or by your own hand, put your best face forward by treating yourself with right tools and products. ​
Thank you to Freemans Sporting Club for the fresh trim and shave.