The Traveller Collection

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Video by Brie Bergman  •  Written by Brie Bergman and Julia Lewis

The Traveller Blazer is a garment unique to Knot Standard, designed to be the quintessential on-the-go casual blazer. We have used the highest quality premium fabrics from the world’s best and the latest technology, this garment is made distinctively in an “unconstructed” fashion for easy folding and storage.

Sewn with high performance fabrics from Loro Piano, Dormeuil and Ariston, the blazers are extremely lightweight with high crimp, making it completely resistant to creasing and optimal for traveling.

The streamlined blazer includes minimal canvassing, no shoulder padding and a thin layer of lining, if any at all. Furthermore, it features six pockets, most notably two card pockets, a pen pocket, cell phone pocket and a passport zipper pocket.

The Traveller is the perfect blazer for any occasion in any location.








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