Tuxedo Dos and Don’ts

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Jay Z knows how to perfectly wear a tuxedo

Jay Z knows how to perfectly wear a tuxedo

Did you know that tuxedos derive their name from the British dinner jacket and were first introduced in America at the Tuxedo Club in Tuxedo Park, New York in 1886. Though by far one of the most elegant and dashing men’s suits, the wrong fit or details can undermine a tuxedo’s elegance. Here are some Dos and Don’ts for wearing the men’s tuxedo.

DO find a fit that flatters. Fit counts far above everything else in a men’s suit. A too tight jacket, too long sleeves or too much trouser break can ruin a thousand dollar look. Check out Knot Standard to get the perfect measurements via your webcam and an impeccably tailored tux.

DO wear a formal tuxedo men’s dress shirt. Choose a tuxedo shirt that complements your style, that is fitted properly and that has studs.

DON’T be afraid to wear a black men’s shirt with a black tux but DON’T overdo it with a midnight blue tux and a black tuxedo shirt.

DON’T wear anything but formal shoes. White sneakers may be all the rage at Hollywood Red Carpet events but they won’t score you any points at the office Christmas party.

DON’T forget the pocket squareA white linen pocket square elevates the average tuxedo and adds texture and style.

DO wear a bowtie. Long ties are trending right now and a lot of celebrities can be spotted wearing one with their evening tux. Fashion, however, can sometimes be wrong and in this case we prefer the classic elegance of the bowtie.  Fashions change but style endures.

  • Jovan Gauthier

    Hm, subtract “be afraid to” from the third piece of advice and you’re spot on. 😉 The all-black look isn’t great as it makes one look like a floating head.