How to Wear a Spread Collar

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One of the most popular trends in men’s fashion right now is the spread collar. When deciding which collar to choose, there are a number of issues that must be taken into consideration including the collar point length, height, spread and tie space as well as the build and face shape of the wearer.


Along with the slim fit, narrow lapels, suppressed waist and no break pants, the spread collar is a modern detail meant to accentuate the tall or slim face and petit frame. The spread collar, also called a cutaway, collar has points that are spread further away on the collar of a men’s dress shirt.

But as its popularity has grown, so too has its used expanded beyond the ‘boy look’ to encompass a much larger popularity among guys of average height and build. Round faces should continue to avoid spread collars but if you aren’t in that set, consider Knot Standard’s Classic Navy and Blue Check Men’s Dress Shirt as a starter spread collar shirt.

Test out this look paired with your favorite men’s suit. You can also talk with a stylist about whether to choose a medium or wide spread collar and how far the cutaway or spread should be. Choose a larger knot (a half Windsor looks great with a medium or semi spread collar and a full Windsor goes well with a wide spread collar).