Top 4 Spring & Summer Wedding Tux Ideas

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Wedding season is fast approaching and if you are like most grooms, buying the tuxedos has been left squarely on your shoulders. Rather than spend hours or days roaming shops seeking the perfect tuxedo for you and your best men, let Knot Standard hook you up with our bespoke wedding tuxedo service.

To get you started, first figure out what type of wedding tux you and your groomsmen will be needing:


1. Evening wedding. The spring and summer evening wedding held indoors requires a classic black wedding tuxedo. If she’s wearing pure white, go for a black tux with satin lapels, white tuxedo shirt and black silk bowtie. Let our bespoke advisors help you choose the finer details – pick stitching or contrast color button holes or one, two or three button jacket.


2. Beach wedding. Getting married seaside means an unconventional approach to the traditional tux. We suggest white. White tux, white cotton tuxedo shirt, white or light pastel bow tie and no shoes. Be sure to get a pedicure before the big day.


3. Morning weddings. Our favorite at Knot Standard, morning weddings are perfect for very formal wear and we recommend a traditional black single breasted morning coat, light grey waistcoat (also known as a vest) and top hat. Keep in mind that the trousers and coat need not match but should rather compliment and that you can incorporate color according to the bride’s dress or the wedding’s color theme in the details of boutonniere and neck tie.


4. Getaway weddings. The Getaway weekend wedding has grown in popularity and many brides and grooms are skipping the church ceremony for a small friends and family holiday weekend with nuptials. Tuxes may not be appropriate or possible and in this case we recommend a light poplin or seersucker suit. Work the lighter shades of your bride’s bouquet into the suit’s details or even choose a seersucker combination (white and light blue, white and pink, white and apricot) that matches the wedding’s color theme.