What to Wear in Rio

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With the Olympic games heating up, it’s no surprise that Rio is on everyone’s radar. A city that is known for its vibrance of culture, color, and nightlife needs to be greeted as such with your wardrobe. Here are our picks for what you should be wearing when your watching the Olympic games, and taking in the sights after!

Bold colors

The natural landscape in Rio is a site to behold. Lush greens, deep crystal blues, pops of color from the buildings and flowers. Make sure you don’t get lost in the scenery by being bold with your color palette as well! A bold suit color, or if you’re a little less daring, a colorful shirt, tie, or blazer will do the trick.


Patterns go just as far as colors do, but it can be as toned down or toned up as you want it to. A short sleeved printed button up is a classic piece to mix up any wardrobe, casual or formal.


A neutral linen is the key to a stylish, comfortable summer look. You cannot go wrong with a khaki or cream colored linen suit, shirt, or blazer. Be at ease and blend in with the vibe of the beaches and tropical paradise that is Rio.