What To Wear To A Job Interview

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greyLet’s talk about what to wear to a job interview: it goes without saying that for most interviews, a men’s suit with jacket and tie is de rigueur. If you already own a bespoke suit, you’re ahead of the game. Nothing gives a great first impression quite like a well-tailored, perfectly fitting suit. If not, visit Knot Standard [http://www.knotstandard.com/] and order your first custom made suit now so you’ll be ready for that all important interview. When dressing on the day, here are a few tips to remember to looking your best and landing the job.

  1. Suit up. Even if the company is laid back, its best to go to the interview dressed to impress. Choose a well-tailored suit that fits you perfectly. The better the fit, the more confident and relaxed you will feel and the better the interview will go.
  2. Choose a navy or gray suit. No black suits – they’re too extreme for a job interview – and no khaki.
  3. Consider the company. If you’re applying for a job as an investment banker, stick with dark grey or navy suit, clean and pressed white shirt and conservative tie. Don’t forget your pocket square. If the job is at a young and hip dot com, be more daring with a statement tie or funky tie pin. Don’t be scared to show some personality. But don’t go overboard. Keep it subtle, stylish and elegant.
  4. Everything clean and polished. Shirt pressed, shoes shined, hair washed, face shaven, nails trimmed and clean.
  5. Definite don’ts: No sagging socks, no heavy jewelry, no shiny suits (unless you’re interviewing for a Jay-Z video), no jeans, no aviator sunglasses (this is not Top Gun!) and don’t bathe in cologne.

The most important thing to wear to any job interview is confidence. Be smart, funny and open and don’t forget to smile. Good luck!