Transition From Summer to Fall : Wedding Edition

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Summer is wedding season, but so is fall. It’s beautiful, and wonderful, but can still have some humidity carrying over from summer. Here are some simple tips on what to wear to keep you cool and looking good during the ceremony and reception, so you can recycle your summer season wedding looks.

The Unavoidable Black Tie 

For a black tie wedding, finding a fabric that is both sharp and (temperature) cool has never been easier. The dinner jacket is the summer version of a tuxedo, meant to keep you looking your sharpest, while also your coolest. Exclusively produced for Knot Standard, Loro Piana’s Wish Fabric® provides a lightweight and flowing feel to match the occasion.

Afternoon Wedding Blazer

A deconstructed blazer is both breathable and comfortable, perfect for an afternoon wedding. For a less formal, but classic look, go with a lightweight wool-silk fabric blend from Loro Piana Summer Wish®. The lightweight fabric provides unrestricted movement and comfort, with moisture wicking properties to combat the heat. Pair it with chinos or linen trousers for an effortless look.

Bold Pattern Suit 

Summer is all about being more daring with patterns and pops of color. But so is fall! For your suits that have more deeper colors, wear them easily from summer to fall. Deep blues, purples, and maroons are great transition colors and are guaranteed to look good.