Whiskey Pairings with The Whiskey Isle

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bottle-johnniewalkerDoes your suit compliment your whiskey?

Knot Standard has teamed up with Whiskey Isle to pair our five favorite suits with our five favorite whiskies. Both men’s suits and whiskies represent refinement, sophistication and elegance. Here’s how to choose which pairing makes the perfect fit for your individual style.

The new handmade Winchester Coat paired with Johnny Walker’s Blue Label. Silky smooth finish – both leave you with a feeling of warmth and satisfaction. Go for this if you want to combine the Blue Label’s honey, hint of nut and mild ginger bouquet with the warmth of the Winchester Coat’s lush Merino wool and stylish elegance.

Knot Standard’s Madison men’s suit offers the finest in quality fabric and professional tailoring, with highly detailed and yet subtle design. Pair it with the Dalmore, a bold and structured single malt reserve whiskey drawn from aged casks of American white oak ex-bourbon, 30 year old Matusalem oloroso sherry and premier cru Cabernet Sauvignon, for a detailed look and taste.

The classic men’s suit and men’s dress shirt package matches perfectly the classic highland whiskey, The Glendronach. This is for the mature savant who is expert on his personal style and whiskey preferences. The 21 year old whiskey, which finishes with subtle notes of dark cherry and coffee, works best with a classic navy, charcoal or pinstripe suit and light colored men’s dress shirt.

Another spectacular pairing – Knot Standard’s classic suit with the lush The Glenrothes. Wear the classic suit in Baltic Blue Twill or Black Stripe to match the rich and sweet flavor of this single malt scotch.

Whether you love the conservative style of a classic grey or navy blazer or the more daring look of a tangerine or sky blue jacket, match it with an exceptional 10 year Macallan dram for the perfect relaxed evening with friends. Versatile and easy going, choose a classic blazer or jacket to create a sophisticated pairing with the Macallan, which has matured in bourbon and sherry oak casks with hints of dried fruit.