Will Smith’s 5 Fashion Favorites

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Will Smith1From rapper to Fresh Prince to action hero, Will Smith’s fantastic career has been mirrored in the superstar’s fashion choices. Knot Standard’s respects Smith’s evolution in style – from multicolored vests, askew baseball caps and Air Jordans to the tailored elegance of Men in Black. Here’s a breakdown of our five favorite aspects of Will Smith’s look.

1. Color. Multicolored. Polka Dots. Prints. Plaids. Checks. Smith goes for it and makes ‘this look good’ on and off screen. Check out the bright red three piece he wore to the After Earth in New York City. Paired with white shirt, black tie and black Oxfords, the suit contrasted nicely with son Jaden’s all white ensemble.

2. Three piece suits. Long gone are the days of multicolored, loose hanging vests. Smith has matured to dapper three piece suits with waistcoat.
3. Now that he’s reached the custom clothing stage, Smith often goes for men’s suits in darker, more conservative colors like charcoal grey, slate or Prince of Wales checks. Choose the Madison Grey Glen Plaid , made from the finest Via Barberis Canonico and Reda Italian wools. Pair it with purple or red twill tie for a striking look.
Will Smith2

4. Versatility thy name is Will Smith. Colorful tie, checks, three piece suit with contrasting waistcoat, open collar, draped scarf, jaunty fedora. He wears it all and owns it all with a dope sense of style utterly his own.

5. Fit, confident and a sense of humor. Every item of clothing reflects Smith’s personal style and that is true sartorial confidence.