Where to Vacation This Winter (And What to Pack)

The importance of having a wardrobe that can travel easily with you is not lost on us – which is why we created our most practical travel jacket yet, the Loro Piana Travel blazer. Deconstructed with zero canvassing and lining, it is wrinkle resistant and has six functional pockets for all your travel essentials. Below find our favorite cooler season getaway destinations and what to bring with you when you go!

Villa D’Este, Lake Como, Italy (Above)

This gorgeous villa is a gem on Lake Como. Converted into a deluxe hotel in 1873, it has continued to serve as a luxurious retreat destination. Along with beautiful rooms, this villa includes 25 acres of sprawling gardens filled with history and beauty.

What to Pack : Our lightweight Loro Piana Travel blazer paired with our Zegna Forest Green Denim trousers. Our Travel blazer is the most functional blazer we’ve ever designed and can be easily traveled in. This is an effortless yet dignified look perfect for the cooler evenings on the water.


Triple Creek Ranch, Darby, Montana

Tucked along the Bitterroot Mountain Range of the Montana Rockies, the Triple Creek Ranch is the ultimate winter getaway spot. Enjoy horseback riding, skiing, and hiking and your own private log cabin.

What to Pack : Our Zegna Double breasted Navy Overcoat paired with Holland & Sherry Navy Corduroys and our Cream Knit Turtleneck. 

Tierra Hotel Patagonia, Chile

This beautifully designed hotel offers an escape from reality. This arc like structure is lifted off the ground and offers breathtaking views of Lake Sarmiento and Torres del Paine National Park.

What to Pack : Since the region is mostly desert, layers are key for the hot days but cooler nights. Be sure to bring our Navy Crewneck Pullover – it’s incredibly warm but not too thick so it feels light on and can be worn on top or under other clothing. In addition, chinos are the perfect trouser for this type of climate – and our Holland & Sherry White Chinos pair nicely with virtually anything. Add in our Thomas Mason Jersey Cotton shirt for a light and breathable shirting option.

The Surrey, New York City

Built in 1926, this boutique hotel on the Upper East Side has been serving as a luxurious getaway spot in the heart of the city for years. With a private roof garden, and state of the art private suites this is one of our favorite spots to staycation.

What to Pack : Our Signature Navy suit will blend in perfectly with the sophisticated atmosphere of The Surrey, and can be worn easily in any season.

Nihi Sumba Island, Indonesia

Voted #1 Hotel in the World by Travel & Leisure Magazine, the Nihi Sumba is complete with private villas and state of the art spa and dining amenities. Located on the island of Sumba, this hotel is extremely private and also a destination for world class surfing, sport fishing, and hiking.

What to Pack : The tropical climate can be extremely humid so lightweight clothing is key. We recommend bringing our Solbiati Linen shorts and our ultimate summer shirt, the Guayabera. For the evening, you’ll need our Tessitura Monti Linen shirt paired with our Loro Piana Travel Blazer and Solbiati Seersucker trousers.