2018’s Most Stylish Wedding Suits for Grooms

Whether you want to maintain a classic mystique or embrace a more contemporary style, finding a wedding suit that fits flawlessly and helps you feel confident should be simple. Drawing inspiration from classic bespoke suiting techniques as well as from the 2018 runways,

we’ve outlined five approaches to

creating your ideal wedding suit —no matter which dress code you and your partner have chosen.



The White-Tie Wedding Suit

Old Hollywood glamour. Met Gala style. The white-tie wedding is all refined elegance and no limits. Standard white-tie attire involves a black tuxedo with a white shirt, vest, and bow tie. Patent opera shoes are a must; gloves are optional. The beau monde of the nineteenth century made this ensemble a staple of white-tie events; here in 2018, it’s your turn to make a modern statement within this framework.

As the leading man in the room, you have the opportunity to set the stage for all in attendance.

Think Justin Theroux in Louis Vuitton on the Met steps—subtle, yet timeless and classic. Like the sharp points of his peak lapel, an infinite number of customizable details could go into your classic black tuxedo. For instance, you might consider ditching the tails for a hemline that would look at home in the pages of this month’s Vogue. Another option: personalize your vest. Choose a premium piqué fabric in your ideal shade of snow or alabaster and accent it with unique pocket details and custom stitching. Exclusive elements like these will help you stand out in the crowd.



The Black-Tie Wedding Suit

Look timeless yet stylish in one of 2018’s best wedding suits for groomsThe black-tie wedding is white tie’s ever-present younger brother. Usually hosted in the evening, these events require signature dark tuxedos with black bow ties and formal accessories. Men arrive and flow seamlessly into the sea of black jackets. It’s a straightforward and timeless look that could always benefit from a hint of modern personality—particularly when you’re the groom.

If your wedding day calls for a classic black tuxedo, consider playing around with various design elements.

Our clients love it when their stylists mix textures and fabrics, such as a shawl lapel in satin on a wool jacket. Customize your look further by adding suspenders, donning a dapper pair of patent leather oxfords, or staking your claim in the vest-versus-cummerbund debate. Details like these can be fantastic ways to add hints of today to a classic garment. Alternatively, for a summer black-tie wedding, you could pair a cream dinner jacket with tailor-made black trousers for a lighter look that’s just as polished.



The Formal Wedding Suit

Formal weddings, often coded on the invitation as “Black Tie Optional,” are some of our favorite events to style, as they give guests the option to ditch the tux in favor of elegant suits and ties. Attire options for the formal groom have similarly expanded.

For a contemporary take on the classic tux, you can make heads turn in a custom-made tuxedo in midnight blue with a subtly contrasting shawl lapel. Or make a statement in an elegant and unique jacket in an unexpected color, such as forest or merlot. Knowledgeable and experienced bespoke stylists can help you select a formal wedding suit customized to your particular tastes, made from exquisite fabrics and featuring carefully-selected details in stitching, lining, and fit that make the ensemble your own. The possibilities are endless.



The Semi-Formal Wedding Suit

With options ranging from “cocktail attire” to “festive attire” to the maddeningly imprecise “dressy casual,” semi-formal is the trickiest dress code for wedding guests to get right. Semi-formal attire for the wedding party is, thankfully, much simpler: We advise grooms to go with a classic suit-and-tie combination. Don’t worry that you might blend into the crowd; when you opt to wear a custom bespoke suit, the finished look will be all your own.

Semi-formal dress is heavily dictated by the season.

Suiting fabrics for fall and winter include subtle yet striking tartans and dark pinstripes, while in warmer months, we often see light-colored suits in cotton or linen. With a nod to Gucci’s 2018 runway, consider bypassing the usual grey and choose breezier colors like oatmeal, platinum, or powder blue for a more modern look. While ties are optional for guests in this scenario, we always recommend the groom accessorize with a tie, pocket square, and stylish leather accessories.



The Casual Wedding Suit

Whether you’re hosting a garden wedding, a beach ceremony, or any other daytime nuptials, the best way to show your style within a casual framework is to play with color and pattern. Guests might arrive in chinos and button-down shirts, but grooms will want to add a blazer for a respectful nod to formality. Within the framework of the standard suit, casual attire leaves you free to mix fabrics, patterns, and pieces to create a look all your own.

Try pairing a perfectly fitted pair of trousers with a crisp cotton shirt. Top off the look with a linen blazer, and you’ll cover all the important bases of the casual groom look. A tie is optional, but always appreciated. This ensemble is eye-catching, modern, and worthy of the cover of GQ. For groom and groomsmen suits that make an impact, consider bespoke clothing.



Secure Your Own Stylish Wedding Suit

Following the trends of 2018—or setting new ones—is difficult to do when you’re buying off the rack. Even in upscale department stores, the suits on display are already six to nine months behind what’s seen on the runways, due to the lengthy production time prior to availability.

If you’re looking to make a style statement for your 2018 wedding, it’s time to consider a better option: bespoke suiting.

With a custom wedding suit, you have the opportunity to build in all the details that are important to you. The freedom of custom design gives you the entire world of fashion inspiration at your fingertips. You’ll walk away with a premium-quality suit that’s perfectly fitted to your body, your style, and your type of wedding. Book an appointment today with one of Knot Standard’s dedicated stylists. Together, we’ll create a stylish and unique wedding suit that strikes your perfect balance of current trends and classic elegance.