Welcome to POV – A New Way to Share

Guest Post: John Ballay, CEO

All – over the last 7 years of Knot Standard we have witnessed incredible industry change, and had a seat at the table helping drive much of the industry advancements. From the Direct-to-Consumer Movement, to the Personalization/Customization trends, to building unique Made-to-Order Supply Chains, the Knot Standard business has positioned itself in the middle of a large ven diagram of what’s current in a 2019 consumer brand.

Along the way, we have built up an incredibly talented team – and this was the catalyst to launch the Knot Standard POV (Point of View) platform. POV allows our team (a humble cast of industry experts) to provide you with insights on why and how we are building new products, consumer trends, technology innovations you should actually care about, and everything in between.

Our Management Team brings decades of experience from all industries, from international supply chains experts, to sales experience from global brands, and have brought everyone together to Knot Standard to drive a mission. We come to work each day dedicated to the reality that dressing well makes men feel more confident, and we provide the products and hands-on service to get them there.

POV is a way for us to share our steps on this daily journey directly with you, and provide some insightful, informative (and sometimes comical) stories along the way.

As they say, podcasts reinvented the modern-day interview. The ability to hold a long-form 30 minute podcast conversation outstrips any sound byte on a local financial network by a long shot. Our hope is that POV provides a forum that far outstrips a weekly marketing email, and provides us the chance to share our stories with you along the way.