Finding the Best Travel Suit For Your Style

Travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We get to immerse ourselves in a new locale, experience newness with all five senses, and interact with people who at first seem unfamiliar but with whom, in the end, we share a deep commonality. At times both exhilarating and deliciously uncomfortable, travel is the best way for us to break free of our comfort zone and open ourselves up to a new way of being.

No matter whether you’re travelling for work or for play, you should arrive at your destination with a quiet yet unshakeable self-confidence. Wearing the right suit can help: The best travel suit can withstand whatever weather you encounter and will keep your belongings organized and safe as you explore your new surroundings.

Your travel suit should also, of course, look fantastic on the plane, in the boardroom, in your hotel suite, and everywhere in between. When you purchase a travel suit from an exceptional custom menswear company, you’ll be able to choose from a plethora of style options to create your ideal look for your next journey.

Knot Standard can help you create the best travel outfit in menswear

Creating the Best Travel Suit in Menswear

The struggle of travelling with a suit is universal. Logic dictates you should wear your suit on the plane—if you ask politely, a flight attendant may be willing to hang your jacket in a closet for you—to avoid the wrinkles that come with packing. This carries its own set of problems, particularly if you’re travelling overseas: You could be stuck in a too-small seat in the same clothes for fifteen hours or more.

When selecting a travel suit, keep both style and function at the forefront of your thoughts. Some practical considerations: Look for lightweight, wrinkle-resistant fabrics that won’t require much care; your hotel room may not have an iron, and nobody wants to spend time that could be better spent exploring a new city searching for a dry cleaner. Your travel suit should pack small, so avoid bulky linings and heavy fabrics. Make sure you have sufficient pockets, and make sure those pockets are secure and protected; when travelling, you may wish to keep important documents like your passport on you at all time without fear of losing them to pickpockets or gravity.

In your search for the best travel suit, allow us to point you in the direction of Knot Standard’s Traveller collection, which uses high-quality fabrics woven by world-renowned mills like Loro Piana, Dormeuil, and Ariston. Due to the high crimp percentage of these fabrics, our Traveller suit is highly resistant to wrinkling or creasing, which means you can stash your suit in your carry-on, wear it throughout a multi-hour transatlantic flight, or spend a day in it while exploring a city on foot, and it will remain fresh and unrumpled. Designed for comfort, flexibility, and organization, our Traveller jacket includes the following features:

  • Six unique inner-jacket pockets, including ones for cards and mobile devices
  • A zippered pocket designed to fit your passport
  • Slightly padded shoulders
  • Minimal canvassing
  • Either half lined or completely unlined

Lightweight, comfortable, and durable, our Traveller jackets are an ideal choice for any jet-setting man. When combined with our boundless options for customization, the style, comfort, and low-maintenance ease of Knot Standard’s Traveller collection set a high bar for professional travel apparel.

The Traveller Collection from Knot Standard on Vimeo.

Travelling in Custom Style  

While function is a necessity, style, too, is an important consideration in a travel suit. Look for one that fits your personal fashion aesthetic and allows you to blend in—or stand out—at your destination. A key advantage to custom menswear is its variety; within Knot Standard’s extensive collection of fabrics, you’ll discover many examples of traveller-friendly materials. When it comes to fabric, color, pattern, and style, your options are limitless when creating a custom travel garment. For some inspiration, here are a handful of ideas to consider:

  • The Navy Staple

One popular travel jacket features a gorgeous Loro Piana navy fabric with mother-of-pearl buttons. Wear this versatile staple in the boardroom or in the cocktail lounge—it looks equally sharp in each setting. Pair with chinos or trousers in different colors for a mix-and-match wardrobe to expand your style options while you’re living out of a suitcase.

  • The Patterned Professional

Express your personality in a travel suit in a subtle pattern, plaid, or check. You can pair a textured suiting fabric with a white or solid-color dress shirt without needing any other element of visual interest. A jacket in a patterned neutral shade, like this one in light brown glen plaid, would be both striking yet versatile enough to withstand multiple wearings during the same trip.

  • The New Grey

Another neutral option is to give classic slate an update and wear a travel suit made from a lighter shade of grey. This look is modern, handsome, and trending. We recommend pairing a platinum suit with a bold navy dress shirt for eye-catching contrast.

  • The Statement Suit

The traveller who wants to make a big statement can create a travel suit from a bold print, like this blue-and-white patterned fabric by Ariston. When you experiment with custom menswear, you’ll have thousands of fabrics at your disposal, giving you the chance to dress in a manner that’s as fearless and eye-catching as you dare.

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Securing Your Own Must-Have Travel Suit

Whether you’re flying into Hong Kong or taking a leisurely stroll through the Champs-Élysées, the best travel suit will make you look professional and stylish while withstanding the rigors of long flights, long conferences, and inclement weather.

Book an appointment with a Knot Standard personal stylist to see the full range of fabrics, accessories, and customizations available to create the best travel suit you’ll ever own. Following an extensive consultation about your needs and preferences, we’ll take multiple precise measurements and craft your suit using our unique digital process. You’ll leave with a handmade garment that fits you perfectly and serves you well on all your travels.

Bon Voyage!