Five Reasons to Consider a Custom Tuxedo for Your Wedding

Wearing a custom tuxedo at your wedding is a way to project elegance, sophistication, and confidence. The right tuxedo will provide you with flawless fit and enduring style on one of the most significant days of your life.

Because a tuxedo is such a rarified garment, designed to be worn on select formal occasions, many men assume they won’t have sufficient opportunities to make the investment worthwhile and thus choose the path of least resistance by renting or borrowing one when the situation requires it—such as on their wedding day. This is a surefire path to a poorly-fitting suit and a great deal of discomfort throughout the event. Avoid all that and consider the benefits of a custom-made tuxedo:

consider the benefits of a custom-made tuxedo

Reason #1: When Done Correctly, Black Tie Elegance Is Always in Style

Black-tie style has made a major reemergence in the realm of weddings and red carpets alike. From Tom Holland’s double-breasted throwback to Armie Hammer’s maroon dream, the tuxedo has been one of the most exciting and diverse fashion canvasses of 2018. Fashion-forward designers and stylists have found innovative ways to cut and style the tuxedo with modern flair without sacrificing the look’s enduring appeal.

While tuxedos are having a big fashion moment, in truth they’ve never really gone anywhere. The tuxedo as we know it has been around since the nineteenth century; it will likely outlive us all. Like fine wines, good tuxedos age well; a well-made tuxedo is both timeless and of-the-moment. On your wedding day, your grandfather will approve of the way you look, while your friends will envy you.

That said, however, it has to be the right tuxedo. Your choices with rental or off-the-rack tuxedos will be limited to existing stock, which might not include a tuxedo that both fits you flawlessly and speaks to your personal style. Only custom suiting gives you the ability to wear a tuxedo that exceeds all your expectations. A custom tuxedo may seem like a luxury, but it’s your wedding day—isn’t it worth it?

choose a custom tuxedo for perfect fit

Reason #2: A Custom Tuxedo Gives You the Perfect Fit

If you have unpleasant flashbacks to renting a shapeless, threadbare tux for your high-school prom, you may dread a return to that experience. When you rent a tuxedo or purchase one off the rack, you’re probably going to experience some fit issues: The jacket will pull across your chest, or the trouser cuffs will hit at the wrong spot. On your wedding day, small problems like these can turn into oversize distractions. Avoid them by going the custom route.

A tuxedo should be something you look forward to wearing, especially if it’s designed with you in mind and cut from a pattern drawn from your precise measurements. Instead of making you feel awkward or uncomfortable, a custom tuxedo will help you convey the aura of effortless self-assurance that comes from knowing you look your best on your wedding day.

Look your best on your wedding day in a custom tuxedo

Reason #3: Your Custom Tuxedo Is Fully Personalized

Certain elements of a tuxedo remain relatively static: Most tuxedos feature a jacket, trousers, shirt, bow tie, and either a vest or cummerbund. Within that framework, however, the tuxedo is a surprisingly elastic canvas, as many celebrities have shown in recent seasons. At the 2018 Oscars, Ansel Egort showed up in a Tom Ford tuxedo jacket in lush green velvet with satin lapels, while Janelle Monae flaunted her personal style at the 2018 Grammys in a black Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo embroidered with colorful flowers. The tuxedo can be a space to experiment with color, fabric, patterns and prints without sacrificing sophistication.

Choosing to wear a custom tuxedo for your wedding means you have complete control over the finished garment, from the lapel style to the lining and everything in between; when you go the custom route, your stylist can also help you select accessories that will make your garment even more personal and original. Your personality and style will shine through in every component of your look.

A custom tuxedo gives you a long-term return on your investment

Reason #4: A Custom Tuxedo Gives You a Long-Term Return on Your Investment

A well-made tuxedo can last you a lifetime; you may even someday pass yours down to your son. The craftsmanship, care, and high-caliber materials that go into a custom-made tuxedo mean it’s made to endure. Custom clothing is the diametric opposite of fast fashion, the industry term for cheap, poorly-made garments that capitalize on the latest trends; fast fashion is intended to be worn for a season and discarded. By contrast, a custom tuxedo will take time to construct—on average, plan on four to six weeks for it to be ready—and will pay off royally in terms of quality.

It may be gauche to discuss costs, but indulge us for just a moment: According to CBS News, the average price of a rental tuxedo is $141. A custom tuxedo, made to your measurements and specifications from premium fabrics, will, of course, cost considerably more than that. Costs vary widely from clothier to clothier, making average figures impossible to pinpoint, but the thousand-dollar mark seems about right—though it can be much higher, depending on your choice of fabric, design, and options. Figure, roughly, that a custom tuxedo worn on seven occasions costs the same as renting a tux seven times. While every man’s social life is unique, and while appropriate occasions to wear a tuxedo probably won’t come around every day, odds are very, very good your custom tuxedo will pay for itself over time.

With a custom tuxedo, you'll be ready for any formal situation

Reason #5: You’ll Be Ready For Any Formal Situation

Speaking of those appropriate occasions… When you own your own tuxedo—and particularly when you own a tuxedo that fits your body and your style so well that you can pull it out of your closet, put it on, and be ready to dazzle guests at any formal event—formal dressing will be something you anticipate with pleasure. In addition to weddings—your own as well as any you may be invited to participate in or attend—you may wear your tuxedo at any of the following events:

  • Opening night at operas, ballets, and symphonies
  • Award ceremonies
  • Formal receptions
  • Formal dinner parties
  • Formal restaurant dinners
  • Any event, such as New Year’s Eve parties, at which the invitation calls for black tie.

When you own your own custom tuxedo, you’ll be ready at a moment’s notice for any formal event. Somewhat more to the point, you’ll be the sort of man who fits in naturally at formal events, who leads the kind of lifestyle where tuxedos are an integral part of a wardrobe. When you own a custom tuxedo, the world of black-tie events will open wide to you, ushering you into its exclusive ranks.

At Knot Standard, your stylist can guide you through selecting from thousands of elite quality fabrics sourced directly from the world’s finest fashion mills. Each part of your tuxedo will be laser-cut from a single piece of fabric and hand-stitched with care. The quality of the material, the cut, and the craftsmanship mean your suit will serve you well and suit you beautifully at your wedding or any other formal event. To learn more about the Knot Standard difference, meet with a stylist at one of our showrooms today.