FW20 Collection Inspiration

Inspired by the timeless grit, hustle, and soul of Chicago

FW20 Collection

Chicago was not just the location for our FW20 Collection shoot--the historic city was also our source of inspiration. The timeless grit, hustle, and soul of Chicago was the perfect backdrop for who we are as a brand, and what makes up our DNA. This is clothing made for the man on the move, who is getting things done without sacrificing his unique, personal style.

Our entire collection has been designed with the realities of modern life in mind. This manifests itself in two equally important ways: practicality and versatility. The clothing in this collection features discreet touches of utility, design choices that make getting around, travelling, and your daily routine better and more enjoyable. We also selected colors and fabrics knowing well that the best clothing in your closet excels at functioning for more than one occasion and outfit.

The style of this collection is timeless and classic, but also firmly modern, and is an excellent representation of our design approach. This is clothing that will stay with you, and find its place in your closet well beyond this season. We have expanded our Outerwear offerings, built out an even larger assortment of Travel options, and designed it all to look great on any guy.

Our color options are an extension of the season and the city. Earth tones ground us in autumn, steel blue and burgundy make appearances, and some styles feature bright accent colors that add an unmistakable character to monochromatic outfits. The result is distinctive and ideal for the season, no matter where you live.

Our FW20 Collection is a further refinement of the Knot Standard brand, with completely new styles added, as well as many new interpretations of what could be considered standard offerings. There are options for every occasion in your life, no matter where you find yourself this season, and beyond. Explore the collection, and begin building your custom wardrobe.