Groom and Groomsmen Suits that Make a Statement

If you’re about to be a groom, planning your wedding involves hundreds of decisions. Some are big and others are tiny, but all are instrumental in creating the overall atmosphere, aesthetic, and environment that you and your partner have selected for your big day. Choosing the right suits for you and your groomsmen is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, though it’s a tricky one to get right. Avoid the trap of generic rental tuxedos or forgettable off-the-rack suits by exploring the latest ideas in statement-making groom and groomsmen suits, from bold and contemporary to classic and sophisticated.

1. Go Bold with Colors and Patterns

Grooms can go bold with color and patternsA wedding is a chance to wear something you typically wouldn’t. Suits in unexpected hues like deep jewel tones will catch your guests’ eyes and keep their attention fixed on the ceremony. Emerald greens, sapphires blues, and ruby reds are universally flattering colors that will give you and your groomsmen a sophisticated presence. Because rich, saturated jewel tones can look heavy, consider offsetting suits with bright shirts in white or cream to add a note of lightness.

If you and your groomsmen choose to wear a particularly striking or unusual color, avoid the temptation to blanket the rest of the wedding in that shade. Feel free to use the color in small, special details—the napkins at the reception, perhaps, or the ribbons adorning the floral arrangements—but your striking suit color will lose its visual impact if it blends in with your surroundings. On your wedding day, you and your groomsmen shouldn’t disappear into the background.

Bold patterns are also riding a wave of wedding popularity. Whether your wedding is taking place at a farmhouse or in a mansion, patterns such as checks, plaids, and stripes feel classic yet contemporary—a nod to the past, brought into the present with an updated cut and modern accessories. If you don’t want your entire suit to be patterned, consider livening up a classic black or blue suit with a bright floral or patterned tie.

2. Embody Sophistication with Black Tie Elegance

The timeless sophistication of black tie has reemerged in a big way this wedding season, with many couples opting to dress their entire wedding party in formal attire. A fitted tuxedo jacket matched with a black bow tie and formal trousers cuts a classic, sophisticated look that pairs well with laced oxfords and a pocket square. If you want the elegance of black tie without all the formality, a patterned pocket square or a colorful pair of striped socks can add a playful touch. Take care not to go overboard: The playful elements should be small and subtle to complement your suit, not compete with it. As black tie is best suited for indoor weddings held in the evening, it’s important to keep your choice of setting in mind. Your groomsmen will have a hard time looking—or feeling—stylish and sophisticated if you force them to stand in the afternoon summer sun while wearing formal tuxedos.

We said earlier that a wedding is a chance to wear something you normally wouldn’t. It’s not every day—or year, for that matter—that you get a chance to experience the cool, classic elegance of black tie. The best part? This look never goes out of style. The groom and groomsmen smiling out from your photos will look timeless, rather than from another time.

Dressing in black tie will make your wedding seem timeless

3. Embrace the Subtle Power of Pastels

From suits to streetwear, pastels have taken over the world of men’s fashion this year. Powder blues, light pinks, and pale lavender shades can be seen everywhere from runways to offices. Pastel colors will keep you cool and fashionable at spring and summer outdoor weddings.

A caveat: Because pastel colors have long been associated with easy-to-wear hot-weather clothing like shorts and polo shirts, it’s easy—deceptively easy—to look overly casual in these hues. If you’re going to don a pale-colored suit or tuxedo for your wedding, be sure to choose accessories that formalize the entire look and set you and your groomsmen apart. A tie in a dark or bold color will help offset the light palette of the suit. A deep blue or navy striped tie would work well with a light blue jacket and trousers, raising the sophistication level of the entire ensemble. Similarly, a purple, red, or burgundy tie can make the right shade of pink really pop. To keep the look crisp and coordinated, avoid dense or confusing tie patterns in favor of clean, bold lines.

4. Make a Statement with your Fabric

The groom and groomsmen can make a statement with fabric choiceAn unusual fabric choice is a fabulous way to strike a distinctive look while staying comfortable on your wedding day. If you’re planning a spring, summer, or warm-climate destination wedding, linen may be your new best friend. Cool and comfortable, linen can be dressed up or down, depending on how formal you want the day to be. Linen suits paired with open-collared shirts and pocket squares in light colors cut a sharp, breathable look for outdoor weddings.

Linen can also work well at most weddings held in the early autumn, when the warm summer weather still lingers. If it’s too cold for linen, denim is an unexpected alternative to wool. Just be sure to approach denim suiting with caution: No matter how exquisitely your suit is tailored, indigo denim will make you look like you showed up to your own wedding in jeans, while wearing denim from head to toe can look cartoonish. When used judiciously, though, denim is a warm, durable fabric that brings a jolt of personality to your wedding attire. The combination of a linen suit and a denim shirt can be perfect for an outdoor wedding where the day starts out warm and cools off by the evening. Denim can also work well as a suit fabric if you work within a subtle palette, such as shades of soft green or grey, and raise the level of formality with upscale accessories like a silk tie.

5. Give the Groom the Spotlight

Gone are the days when the groom and his groomsmen were expected to dress like identical backup singers. As the groom, you and your partner are the only ones who should be stealing the spotlight. Whether you opt to wear an entirely different ensemble or simply add a single distinctive accent, there are countless ways to set yourself apart from your groomsmen. Some options to consider:

  • Wear a suit in a different shade from the suits worn by your groomsmen. Make sure to pick your shades carefully to make the entire look coordinate, not clash. Choose the bolder or brighter shade for your own suit to avoid being eclipsed by your groomsmen.
  • Wear the same shade as your groomsmen, but with a different cut of suit—a tailcoat instead of a tuxedo jacket, perhaps, or a jacket with a shawl collar while all your groomsmen sport skinny lapels.
  • Opt for a similar style, but in a different fabric. If your groomsmen are all dressed in black wool, strike an individual note in a jacket made of black velvet.
  • Add a cummerbund or vest to your look, particularly one in an attention-getting color or pattern.

Other possible ways to stand apart from your groomsmen include the addition of a pocket square, cufflinks, or a distinctive pair of shoes. Even something as subtle as a different boutonnière on your lapel can be enough to distinguish you from the rest of the wedding party.

Today’s grooms and groomsmen have more options for wedding attire than ever before, in styles ranging from classic to trendsetting. Whether you choose to experiment with bold colors and patterns or embrace black-tie sophistication, your groom and groomsmen suits should make a statement. Book an appointment in one of our showrooms, and an experienced and professional stylist will work with you to design a modern bespoke wedding suit, which will be custom-made to your specifications and tailored to your exact measurements. Groups of three or more receive a 15% discount, which makes us an ideal choice for wedding parties. We’ll help you distinguish yourself and your groomsmen with luxury fabrics, exquisite tailoring, and impeccable style.